Helen offers a range of Continual Professional Development workshops for teachers. The workshops are appropriate for teachers with any level of musical experience or ability. 

As well as being informative and fun, Blackbird Early Years Music workshops are great for team building, encouraging communication and collaboration.

The workshops can focus on building general musical skills, incorporating team building activities and musical games, which can then also be used in the classrooms. Workshops can also incorporate Samba Drumming (instruments provided!) which is fun, inclusive and easy to pick up! Finally, Helen can provide training for those teachers who are intending to deliver the Blackbird Early Years Music curriculum into their music lessons.  

Cost: £200 (for workshops within 50 miles of Bristol; workshops further away will incur additional travel costs)

Duration: Half day 

Please contact Helen to discuss your requirements further.

“Blackbird early years music curriculum is a great way to get children used to the notions of pulse, rhythm and pitch by using simple songs and games that can be easily implemented by teachers with little musical training. By engaging in these easy activities suitable for young children with mixed abilities they become aware of the elements of music without realising it and once they do they feel very proud with their progress. Helen’s experience both as an accomplished musician and as an educator working pupils of all ages, including young children, helped me to successfully deliver the curriculum with confidence.”Doretta, Blackbird teacher