Music Foundation Classes


At the moment, we are not running face-to-face classes, due to Covid 19, but please do join our mailing list if you would like to keep up to date when classes are back up and running.

In these classes, the children learn the rudiments of music – pitch, pulse, rhythm – and respond to music expressively and creatively. They have the chance to conduct, sing, clap, move to music, and take part in many original games and activities.

The Blackbird curriculum is designed to correspond to every area of the Early Years Foundation Stage, including communication, literacy, maths, expression and collaboration. 

Term 1 – Children learn all the animal songs, and are able to recognise, clap and differentiate between the different animal rhythms. They understand basic concepts of pulse, dynamics and articulation.

Term 2 – Children have started to use basic solfa to explore and improve pitch. They learn several new songs, and are starting to put rhythms together and clap them.

Term 3 – Children can talk about the character of the music (happy, sad etc…), understand the concept of rests, and are starting to read some basic rhythmic notation. They also explore some of the instruments of the orchestra.

Term 4 – Children are now starting to focus a little more on reading rhythmic notation, as well as learning new songs to reinforce what they have learnt so far about articulation, pulse and dynamics.

Term 5/6 – Children begin to write notation, with the help of a basic theory book. They learn some of the harder songs, as well as recapping earlier concepts.

Classes last 45mins and cost £7.

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“I cannot praise Blackbird Early Years Music enough. My daughter started in the Music Foundation Class when she was 4 and then later joined the Children’s Choir when she started school. Helen, Doug and the team have an amazing ability to encourage and enthuse their young audience to produce the most fantastic work that is genuinely beautiful to listen to. It’s hard to believe that children so young could perform to such a high standard! Most importantly, my daughter absolutely loves the sessions. The atmosphere is both nurturing and energetic and brings out the best in all the children. Thanks Blackbird!” – Christina, mother of Catherine