Music Pack #1

Everything you need for a term of music lessons for children in preschool, reception or year 1. Children will learn to read some basic rhythms, understand concepts of articulation and pulse, and respond emotionally to different kinds of music.

Music Pack #1 includes…

  • 10 varied, exciting and fun lesson plans (approx 30 mins each). Each lesson corresponds to the Early Years Foundation Stage, fostering communication, collaboration, literacy, maths and personal, social, emotional and physical development in children, with aims and outcomes clearly laid out.
  • 8 original short songs, with sheet music including both written accompaniments and chord symbols.
  • A suggested listening list.
  • Colourful animal pictures and rhythms.
  • YouTube tutorials for each lesson.
  • Activity cards.
  • 8x MP3 tracks.
  • Helen’s contact details for further support.

Helen brings over 20 years’ experience in music education to these resources and will be available to answer an questions you might have.

Songs included:

  • Freddy Frog
  • Blackbird
  • Monty Mouse
  • Sammy Squirrel
  • Hog
  • Flying High
  • Henry the Puppy
  • Skull and Crossbones
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Price: £34.99

“Teaching Blackbird classes has been a real pleasure.  The curriculum Helen has produced is well thought out and straightforward to deliver.  Kids and parents love the classes and often say how much they look forward to coming from week to week and how they love the songs they’re learning.  Kids that go on to instrument learning have had a great start with basic knowledge of musical ideas from the classes” – Georgina